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Project: Yellowsn0w Is A Go!

December 24th, 2008 · 2 Comments · Apple, Applications, iPhone, Unlocked, Video

[youtube: 425 350]

Update: The video is available to everyone. Make sure to go to our YouTube channel (Or search “iPhonetouchmaster” in the YouTube app) for more iPhone 3G unlock video. A “Pre-Show” is available on our channel as well. (MuscleNerd tells you all about the unlock)

Alright guys this is it. Earlier today the first ever public iPhone 3G soft-unlock was broadcasted to the world. We are going to continue to rebroadcast this event to those who have not seen it. You can find it on our YouTube Channel as the featured video, or you could just watch the video in our embedded YouTube video player at the top of this post. This event was brought to you by the one and only MuscleNerd, an iPhone Dev Team member.

In this video, you will see MuscleNerd executing the yellowsn0w hack on a legitimately subscribed iPhone 3G. (An iPhone 3G that has a valid AT&T SIM and contract.) The unlock is short and sweet so unlocking your iPhone 3Gs will take a matter of seconds. Now you (the future unlocker) will not have to open the terminal at all. A GUI is being crafted as I type this which will make this entire process completely automatic. This will most likely be placed in the QuickPwn and Pwnage applications. (Note this has not been decided yet) So keep checking back here at your source for the latest and greatest Limited Edition iPhone news and keep checking our dedicated YouTube Channel (for more cool videos). Please subscribe and keep checking back here too.

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