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Review: iFlashReady

July 24th, 2009 · No Comments · Apple, Apple Store, Applications, iPhone

Yes everyone, you know what time it is, its time for another review by yours truly! This time, its iFlashReady’s turn. iFlashReady is by Imaging Luminary, LLC.

Basically, this application utilizes very complex HDR algorithms that they have developed (and then ported and optimized for the iPhone OS) in order to give you an effect which could be considered a “digital flash”. Its amazing, let me tell you more

As we all know, the iPhone 3G’s camera isn’t great but it doesn’t suck for occasional pictures. We also know that Apple hasn’t gotten the basic idea of a built in flash. Now, they are even stupid, because this could easily be implemented using the Apple logo (already on the phone) to burst a flash of light (and you could light it up for night use via the touch screen’s own light).

Now, they have told me that on the iPhone, they have had to do somethings that they hadn’t done before such as HDR tonemapping algorithm with a regular jpeg source, which they stated this:

“We have made tremendous amount of changes in our algorithm in order to be more effective with iPhone”

Now, this app is amazing! OMG, this is so useful and it does exactly as advertised, create a digital flash by lighting up every pixel and it really an amazing outcome when applied to an image.

Its very user friendly as it uses a very simple UI (as seen above).

Now, I’m going to be honest, I really didn’t think this was going to work at all like it really did, but after I used it and I got an “under-the-hood” explanation on how everything works, I gotta tell you, I was/am blown away!

Now, you can light up any image you want (as long as its in your camera roll), I also purposely took some low light photos with my iPhone (and images I already had).

I also noticed that even during the day (like midday, when its supposed to be bright out) I had really dark photos. You’ll see what I mean…

So here you can see a picture of Best Buy (I’m at Home Depot’s parking, so it really is a bit far away):


After iFlashReady:

So there you go! You can totally see the difference. Here’s another example, this was a car that was in front of our car:


After iFlashReady:

This app is great! It does a really great job! This is one of my favorite applications! It earned a spot on my iPhone’s 2nd homescreen (where I have my favorites, I like to keep my 1st homescreen looking how Apple intended) due to its near perfect functionality.

Now, iFlashReady isn’t just limited to lighting up and sharpening images, it can also allow you to change their color scheme between “Full Color”, “Black & White”, or “Sepia”.

I do have one small concern (that is easily implemented, I have already told them and hope that they will update their app with this,) its that it doesn’t have a built in camera pane to take pictures from within the application. This is something that I would think is pretty basic, but like I said, I told them and this is so easy to add in. (Well, maybe a little more difficult to have full 3G S support, damn you and your awesome cameras! ?)

Other than that, this app is perfect.

iFlashReady is available for 99 cents on the App Store! It can be used with iPhone OS 2.x.x and iPhone OS 3.0 on the iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3G S. Check it out as soon as you can, because you will not regret buying this app at all!

Also, don’t forget to check out their Midas application for Mac OS X and Windows XP/Vista, Midas does the same exact thing iFlashReady does, except it is more powerful and its for a computer. If you buy iFlashReady, you can get a code to purchase Midas for only $4.99!

Special thanks to Bo Yuan for helping us out and letting us review iFlashReady!

So there you go guys! Stay tuned for some sweet announcements starting Monday @ midnight…

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