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SPECIAL REPORT: I May Have Found Sun Danyong’s Missing iPhone Prototype…

July 26th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Apple, iPhone, Uncategorized, Video

Remember these pics everyone? These were taken and leaked 8 days before WWDC. So what? Well, let me explain.

Before I do, I would like to say that this is in no way confirmed, but I believe to have pieced together something astonishing…

As you may recall a Hong Kong based website leaked the iPhone 3G S to the world. Now, this was believed to be a prototype as it had a bunch of processor and compass logging utilities within the iPhone’s settings panel. (which we all now know that does not exist anymore in the iPhone OS)

Now, these pictures were taken and uploaded from the iPhone itself, as they were reportedly leaving China and were heading to their closest border.

Fast forward exactly 52 days. On July 21st, Sun Danyong “commit suicide” by “jumping” out his window to his death over a missing iPhone 3G S prototype after many weeks of brutal interrogations and beatings.

Weeks is the keyword. How long ago? Roughly 7-8 weeks. About the time that those Hong Kong based people leaked the iPhone 3G S.

Well, its a surprise that nobody has pieced this together (or bothered to).

I truly believe the leaked screenshots of the iPhone 3G S were taken with the iPhone prototype that was stolen from Sun Danyong. If only we knew then, what we knew now.

If I were Chinese investigators, I would start investigating who the hell those people were and where they were going. You can clearly see a license plate in one of the images, I bet you could track them down with that as a lead.

Now, if you want to tell me “Well, maybe Apple has beta testers”.

Well, yes, they do. However, they are internal, and when I say internal, I mean that, and its secretive. They go through dozens of doors and slide their keycards on all of them, plus they have to wear a black sheet and turn on lights warning people that a prototype is being used.

Internal testing only. Why would Apple give their prized device to civilians in China? As you can tell, they were clearly not being secretive at all, not an Apple move.

Foxconn couldn’t afford to screw up their deal with Apple, so they wouldn’t want to let just anyone use the iPhone, especially out in the city and highway.

I do believe that I have figured out how this went down. I mean, this would have to be one hell of a coincidence to have a series of leaked iPhone prototype images and a stolen iPhone prototype happen in China and very near each other. On top of that, Sun claimed a female employer had stolen the iPhone, and in the picture who do we see? It appears to be a female.

This story has both saddened me and disgusted me (as I have mentioned before). This was a death that didn’t have to happen. Especially over an iPhone. I really do hope that Sun obtains justice even from the grave…

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  • truehybridx

    now when this hits the news there will be hell to pay oh boy!!

    someone hurry up and catch that crooked b!tch

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