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This Movie Could Not Be Played Message On iPhone and Touch’s Youtube

October 30th, 2007 · 73 Comments · Apple, iPhone

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Currently Apple has stated that YouTube is changing some of its video formats at the moment to make them more compatible with the iPod Touch so most of them cannot be played right now. If you are seeing the message: “This Movie Could Not Be Played” when you try to watch a YouTube video, it will be fixed hopefully soon. You do not need to follow the youtube fix guide to fix the problem. The problem resides on YouTube’s side at the moment.×2Uwflmg <— This video works to confirm its not a problem on your side.


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  • Dave

    Still not working its Feb 2009
    They’re not fixing this.

  • Jason D

    Yeah, annoying as hell. A few vids work, but the same vid may not work twice. Whats this all about? Old thread, but what gives?

  • Dave


  • MM

    I was able to bookmark YouTube videos and replay them over and over again until last Monday. I can bookmark videos now, which will play, but the old bookmarked will not. Is there an expiration with bookmarking???

  • Greg

    Well I have noticed that any videos that you can’t watch from the Youtube app can be watched if you watch them from the YouTube mobile site if you use the iPhones safari. Having said that there is a way around it, this issue is still just taking the motherf***ing biscuit.

  • Jason D

    This is irritating, and there are THOUSANDS of complaints logged with Apple, yet nothings been done. Way to provide customer support. Too busy making jailbreaking illegal, instead of fixing KNOWN issues.

  • Karole

    Videos are still not working it says either “this vidoe is not supported for iphone” or “this movie can not be played” it hasn’t been working for a while now HELP! Please

  • Casey R.

    Apple hates us all 🙁 GOOD F**KING JOB!

    … im starting to fell i wasted $500 >.<

  • Frank the tank

    This fuckin sucks I wish I
    Knew why this shit is happening

  • MightyMicro

    This just started happening to me last week on iPhone. The same videos seem to play on my iPod Touch with 2.2 Hmmm, does the You Tube link change after they’ve changed video format?

  • MightyMicro

    Right, my iPhone and iPod Touch are now at the same software revision and connected to the same WiFi router at home. The iPod Touch can play a particular YouTube movie, the iPhone can’t. Ergo, this is a client-side problem.

    Does the YouTube client cache stuff?

  • misfitmal17

    I just noticed that my 2 week old iphone 3g is doing the same thing. I go into itunes and play videos that i KNOW used to work because they are in my favorites. and I get “this movie could not be played”. I am getting very frustrated because this phone is brand new and there is one other brand new iphone 3g in the house and also an older iphone that can play the exact same you tube videos that my iphone can NOT. what is going on?? i tried resetting all my settings and i just spent 15 min reorganizing my apps all over again. and many videos on you tube still don’t work. mind you, some DO work, but many of the ones i WANT to work do not! is there NO reason for this? some of these comments are YEARS old… do some of us iphone buyers just get the short end of the stick? SOMEONE HELP! no it’s not the end of the world, but it makes spending $500-$300 on this thing quite a waste. :[

  • Jason D

    Apple doesn’t care to fix the problem. Why would they? We already bought the phones. Is there a 3rd party youtube app yet?

  • MM

    I just go into safari now and type up the youtube website. All the videos that do not work under the youtube icon, work in safari. A half ass fix but it does work.

  • Karole

    On YouTube only some videos work
    I have an iPhone and the video I want to watch isn’t working I need help

  • Karole

    Gosh YouTube on safari doesn’t work either

  • AAlve NYC

    Thanks for the 411 I was a bit angry that I couldn’t play the videos.

  • aliya

    hey, um, yeah same things happening to me but i guess it makes sense that some vids aren’t working on youtube because they are converting them but theyt still work it you watch them through safari and they used to work before? Same prob? i mean if they’re getting converted they shouldn’t be able to play through safari on the iphone too, right?

  • Ali

    am having the problem i hardly use my ipod touch i was just board decided to view some utibe videos and this message came up “this video can not be played”

  • Jairo

    Hi, I have several iPhones, 1st gen running on 2.2.1 3GS on 3.0 and 3.0.1 none of them work with YouTube and the sample vids posted in here don’t load either

  • Buzzz

    Doesnt play on 3G, but it works thru wifi…

    Is that weird?!

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  • Jessica H

    It still doesn’t work. Not even my videos I bought from iTunes work. They worked a week ago though. help?

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