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BREAKING NEWS: iPhone SMS Hack Turns Your Faithful iPhone Against You!

July 30th, 2009 · 12 Comments · Apple, Apple Store, Applications, FAQ, iPhone, Mods, Refurbished iPhone, Uncategorized, Video

Guys, this is very important and everyone should read this immediately!

The iPhone’s Messages app apparently has had a killer SMS flaw on it, now this has existed for a couple months now, well Apple hasn’t done anything about it. The bug still exists in the latest 3.1 beta.

Well, that bug has been exploited by malicious hackers, hackers that give us good hackers a bad name.

All iPhones are vulnerable!

If you get a text message with just a square in it, you have been hijacked. Now, when this bug is exploited, they can take complete control of your iPhone. They can listen in by using the mic, take pics, take video, send stuff using email or sms, it just like them using veency, but from any part of the world.

The only solution is to turn your phone off, or restore and put it into dfu mode and “set up as new phone”.


That’s all for now.

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  • Truehybridx

    Holy $h!t, I’d love to know how to do that to keep my friends in check but damn total control??

  • Alan Vazquez

    Yeah, total control. Its all over the news. Apple is taking a lot of heat right now because some hackers are taking control of iPhones.

    They say that this has the potential to affect every single iPhone on Earth! Its a really scary thought.

  • truehybridx

    yea considering all you need is a premimun phone plan and a random number generator and a good day to dial thousands of numbers

    ps… what happend to the giveaway week 2 post? i dont see it anymore

  • Alan Vazquez

    My bad. I fixed it, lol. I sent it 12 hours into the future.

  • Pyrofallout

    Fact check needed on this one…There is no hackers out there right now taking over everyone’s iPhones. These guys discovered it and were allegedly going to demo it at Black Hat today. Not sure if they publicly released it or not but it’s not really happening yet. No need for mass panic.

    It also should be noted that all Windows Mobile devices have the same flaw.

  • Richard

    What is apples take on fixing this hack? If someone hacks into my phone, will apple fix it for free?

  • Alan Vazquez

    Pyrofallout: Not according to CNN and NBC

    Richard: Apple hasn’t commented, let alone will fix your iPhone for free.

  • truehybridx

    apple probably isnt gonna do anything fast… when the bug in safari was found they fixed that cuz it coulda led to a jailbreak method like in 1.1.1 but now they are probably trying to fix the sms app to block out other stuff including this bug

  • Pyrofallout

    There is a reason I take anything the media says with a grain of salt. Read around online and find reputable tech sites showing evidence of hackers taking over people’s iPhones. It’s not happening. The news media will hype up anything to get a rise out of people.

  • Alan Vazquez

    truehybridx: Yeah, you’re right. They can’t do anything. We’re jailbroken for life.

    Pyrofallout: Radio as well?

  • Truehybridx

    Check this bull out

    says jailbreaking leads to hackers stealing personal data… WTF ever.. And apple had an on going bug that affects every iPhone on the planet including officials

  • Pyrofallout

    OS 3.0.1 just released resolves this issue. Everyone can calm down now. lol. 😀

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