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iPhone Officially Gets Copy And Paste With Firmware 3.0

March 17th, 2009 · 7 Comments · iPhone

Finally Apple has listened to their users. We will have cut, copy, paste, MMS, and more with firmware 3.0 coming out this summer. We will also most likely see a new version of the iPhone 3G. 32GB with a new design?

More of the new features with the upcoming firmware are:

Copy & Paste photos
Search in Mail, Calendar, and iPod
Landscape keyboard
Multimedia messaging (iPhone 2G will not get this feature. Stick with SwirlyMMS)
Support for new calendar types
Improved stocks application
Stereo Bluetooth A2DP audio (iPhone 2G will not get this feature)
Note synching with iTunes
Automatic login in Safari
Shake to shuffle music
Wi-Fi auto-login
Extended parental controls
Voice memo application
Send and receive files
Peer-to-peer Wi-Fi connectivity
Browse remote content
Use your iPhone/touch to control peripherals
Maps inside other applications
Turn-by-turn directions
Push notification
Voice communication in applications
Audio recording
Access your music from applications

This is pretty much everything we have been asking for. The iPhone 3.0 OS will have over 1000 new additions. This summer iPhone users will get a free upgrade. iPod Touch users will have to pay $9.95

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  • chewie

    i dont like how its 995 for ipod users but like everything else

  • Alan Vazquez

    Its like that because they have no choice. Its the law here in the states. They have to charge. You can blame the previous administration. (just add that to the huge list you already have, LOL) 🙂

  • Doug

    Fantastic to get cut and paste at last. Push looks promising too.

  • George

    Love it can’t wait to get it

  • Alan Vazquez

    I will post a review on the iPod touch 2G firmware 3.0 soon. (Me and my friend are going to try it out)

  • Pyrofallout

    Seems like iPhone 2G users are getting shafted since they are not getting MMS or AD2P. The AD2P I can understand but if SwirlyMMS can do MMS on the 2G iPhone how come Apple’s software cannot?

  • Alan Vazquez

    Pyro: The iPhone 3G and 2G have almost identical hardware, it’s a bunch of bull shit just to get people to buy a newer iPhone. A2DP bluetooth is functional on an iPhone 2G, they are just crippling the iPhone 2G’s bluetooth chip (like with the iPod touch, until 3.0 finally unlocks it). As for MMS, it’s the same crap. I’ve sent MMS messages over EDGE on my iPhone 3G (running iPhone OS 3.0 beta 3). It’s no issue.

    Its just so people get new phones.

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