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Review: MobileRSS

August 20th, 2009 · 1 Comment · Apple, Apple Store, Applications, iPhone

Hey guys, well, this time, I was approached by the CEO of NibiruTech LTD., Kevin Yang to review their latest application that was just released. Their latest and greatest is called MobileRSS!

Well, I have seen many RSS applications throughout the App Store, and to tell you the truth none of them stood out to me as even worth purchasing. Now, I am speaking for myself, Mike may think differently.

Now, MobileRSS is different. MobileRSS is packed with features that make sharing news with the world a snap. This is an application that really changed my expectations on an RSS application.

MobileRSS allows you to tweet and e-mail the latest news from your subscribed feeds to all of your friends without leaving the app. It has a built-in Twitter client (such as that of iTwitter) so you can tweet the latest news, such as that from us here at Limited Edition iPhone!

It also has a feature that I always praise, it has in-app e-mail. It is surprising how many developers have failed at add in-app e-mail into their applications, and MobileRSS delivers.

This app also adds an “open in Safari” feature, now this is great, this is my only feature I would tweak. I would add a built-in WebView page so that people wouldn’t have to quit the application to view the article in its originaly form. This shouldn’t be too difficult to add so you can possibly expect this in a future update.

Now MobileRSS is also a very easy to use RSS client. It displays the feed in a very elegant manner. Its clean and its very easy to use.

I am a very picky person when it comes to an application’s ease of use and its GUI. MobileRSS does a great job at this. They have made the interface clean enough to make reading an RSS feed great again. Also, its so easy to use. Anyone can just buy this, and use it without any instructions.

MobileRSS is a hit. If you enjoy using and reading RSS feeds this is the best application for the iPhone to do it. MobileRSS is available on the App Store for $4.99! Overall, Great Interface. Great Features. Simply Amazing! Period.

Make sure to subscribe to our RSS feed and download MobileRSS today!

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