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[UPDATED 3X] Apple Rejects Official Google Voice App! Apple + Google Relations Strained…

July 27th, 2009 · 4 Comments · Apple, Apple Store, Applications, iPhone

UPDATE 3: GV Mobile has been updated! Grab it on Cydia now! It should now be 3.0 & JailBreak Friendly!

UPDATE 2: GV Mobile developer Sean Kovacs has just confirmed to me a new version of GV Mobile, which I expect to be a tad more “jailbreak friendly” ? I have been unable to enter my Google Voice account due to a crash, so check Cydia “very soon” for a fix!

UPDATE 1: Yes, truehybridx is correct. GV Mobile is now available on Cydia for free! Just refresh your sources and download it if you have been invited to join Google Voice!

What the hell?! Apple has rejected Google’s official Google Voice application for the iPhone. Google submitted the application 6 weeks ago, and today it was rejected.

More news comming out of the Apple scene, GV Mobile, an unofficial Google Voice application, was pulled from the App Store on the same day.

The only reason GV Mobile made it to the App Store in the first place was because Phil Schiller himself ordered it to be approved a few months ago.

Apple’s idiotic response for pulling the app:

“It duplicated functionality of built-in applications on the iPhone”

WHAT THE HELL?! What about free texting applications such as TextFree Unlimited, which “duplicates” texting, or any of the voice recorder apps which “duplicate” functionality of its built-in Voice Memos application.

This is an outrage! We need a Google Voice app! Me and Mike were invited to join Google’s Google Voice beta program, and we need an app that let’s us use it on the go.

The rest of you swill be able to use Google Voice in the forseeable future.

This is also AT&T’s fault. Their pathetic network can’t take even a small amount of load, because it might “take down the entire network”.

This is complete bull sh@#! Google’s official Google Voice app is available for other phones which are on AT&T’s mediocre network!

Now, to me, Apple is making one of the stupidest calls its ever made. Its killing off relations with Google!

Ever since Google announced its Android OS relations started to strain. Now, with their latest, Chrome OS, it appears as though Apple is trying to show them who’s boss.

Sure, Apple’s market cap is larger than Google’s (barely) but its no reason to act like children.

Not only has the official Google Voice application been killed off, but Google’s “Google Latitude” service was also reduced to a steamy pile of crap.

Apple made them change latitude from an actual applocation, to a crappy/laggy, web application. Lattitude’s functionality was reduced to nothing, all over Eric Schmidt’s resiliance to step down from Apple’s board of directors.

Apple and Google should resolve their differences between them, not anger their customers!

At this rate, their both going to end up killing eachother’s near-perfect technology. They need to work together, or else we may see our favorite gadgets lose basic features such as Maps and Google Search built in…

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  • truehybridx

    well its on cydia now 😛 i think…

    its bull cuz as apple incorporates these features they will try and kill off whoever had them first

  • truehybridx

    and i bet apple is worring that their precious iphone might be running android later on

  • Truehybridx

    Lmfao why does apple bother.. We will have it either way 😛

  • Chris

    Can’t believe Apple denied Google’s own app. Guess the Apple/AT&T relationship is stronger than the Apple/Google one. 😛

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