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Windows Guide To Using WinSCP With iPhone

November 26th, 2007 · 269 Comments · Apple, Applications, FAQ, iPhone, Mods

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If you need to edit or transfer files on the iPhone and you are using windows, WinSCP is the program you need. Many people have asked me how to transfer files to the iPhone so I made an easy guide to follow bellow. If you would like me to add anything or have questions please let me know.

First make sure you have ssh and bsd subsystem installed from installer. Next get WinSCP and find your iPhone’s ip by going to (on your iphone) settings > Wi-Fi > “Your selected WiFi” > Look under IP AddressConnect to your iPhone using WinSCP (user: root password: alpine) Change File Protocol to SCP


Just press login after your screen on WinScp

click on the “..” until you see root, then click on the applications folder and put your downloaded .app program inside by dragging and dropping.



To set file permissions(CHMOD) right click on the folder or file and select properties. Most of the time you will have to change the Octal to 0755. If you have any other questions please ask.

If you are having troubles with log in please read this:

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  • vithurshan

    i have already unlocked my iphone but it showing different sim detected but it showing network signal…. showing only “emergency calls only”
    help me

  • avi

    if my iphone no JB its works ?

  • Man Lee

    How do I check on my iphone for the transferred files?

  • mazen

    I put the user name “root” and Password “alpine” but it is not working

  • pubz

    the password might be alpine or dottie

  • tyman

    how do i put emulators on ipod touch through winscp

  • mina

    I have a 2g running 3.1.2 with redsnow jailbreak and the bootloaders unlock…. bottom of screen where slide to unlock is not responding. I read the link about installing the touch sensitivity to fix it…. thing is I CANT GET INTO the phone to do anything. I can access files Ive installe several using funbox…. but I need to make these files run to do anything…. I keep reading THEN GO INTO YOUR PHONE AND SET…. well I CANT GO INTO MY PHONE…. please help I have everything installed need to adjust the screen, and stuff I just need to get passed the screen. thanks

    • Razzmatazz

      Maybe you should consider jailbreaking it again. Easier and no need to think about installing missing packages.

  • imu

    it says: Network error: connection refused..

  • Matt

    anyone know if this works on iphone 4s IOS 5 jailbroken. Everything worked per the instructions above but device still not showing up in iTunes as an option.

  • Andreea

    Hello, I have followed the steps correctly, my iphone is JB, I have SSH on from BSB settings, when I open Iphone Tunnel it doesn’t get me to the login screen, instead it connects itself to root@ then tells me network error: software caused connection abort or network error: connection refused.. please help, I am new to this and have really no idea what to do! thanks

  • kay

    hi just need some help,I’ve downloaded a program which have come as TAR files. I have everything set up. but I am very confused because I’m not sure which folder on my iPhone I’m supposed to copy them to can you help?

  • anon

    Hi , try to put in wi-fi ip address instead of ipaddress, works for me.

  • Dexter

    Followed your directions tried to use WinSCP and I get Network error: Connection Refused.

    iPhone 4 CMDA jailbroke with ios 6 but can’t install cydia with out WinSCP

  • Ashraf

    same problem like Dextor
    connection refused


  • zohina

    hey um what do u do after that last step?

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