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Windows Guide To Using WinSCP With iPhone

November 26th, 2007 · 268 Comments · Apple, Applications, FAQ, iPhone, Mods

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If you need to edit or transfer files on the iPhone and you are using windows, WinSCP is the program you need. Many people have asked me how to transfer files to the iPhone so I made an easy guide to follow bellow. If you would like me to add anything or have questions please let me know.

First make sure you have ssh and bsd subsystem installed from installer. Next get WinSCP and find your iPhone’s ip by going to (on your iphone) settings > Wi-Fi > “Your selected WiFi” > Look under IP AddressConnect to your iPhone using WinSCP (user: root password: alpine) Change File Protocol to SCP


Just press login after your screen on WinScp

click on the “..” until you see root, then click on the applications folder and put your downloaded .app program inside by dragging and dropping.



To set file permissions(CHMOD) right click on the folder or file and select properties. Most of the time you will have to change the Octal to 0755. If you have any other questions please ask.

If you are having troubles with log in please read this:

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  • Alan Vazquez

    Cool. Like I always tell people, check then recheck your permissions. Good, that should help a lot of people.

  • Nivas

    Hey pals,,

    First install the following in ur iphone
    1. openssh
    3.BSD subsystem

    These are all available through cydia or installer in a jailbreaked iphone.

    After installing all this in ur iphone open boss prefs and turn ON open ssh service in it.. the n connect ur iphone to PC and open winscp…

    Note: Set ” server response timeout” to maximum value under “connections ” tab in winscp and then try to connect…

  • juan

    i cant login to winscp cuz i downloaded some apps into my iphone and my installer is hidden, how can i get my installer back??? and how can i install de ssh into my iphone if i dont have the installer??? i have a 1.1.2 vesion on my iphone please help!!

  • Alan Vazquez

    juan: alright man, it is very simple to solve this, you have many options, one of them is downloading iphonebrowser, iPhone PC Suite, or something to that extent, you do not need to have SSH installed or even wi-fi to use those applications, just google for them, next is after you download one of those programs and get in your iPhone, download a file for me, go to (I think this is right for 1.1.2 (/system/library/coreservices/ if you have an iPhone, send me a file called “M45AP.plist) if you have an iPod touch get me a file called (*N45AP.plist) then send them to me at then I will fix your plist so that Installer will pop back up on your homescreen. SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT: unhide all of your applications if you used something like cutomize or poof before downloading the file that I asked you to, or else it won’t work. Alright man, good luck and I’ll be glad to help you fix your installer dilemma.

  • Abdullah

    I tried this but it didnt work..
    I get “Network Error: Connection Refused”

    My firmware is 2.1 (Jail Broken) is it the problem??

  • Alan Vazquez

    Yes, I see. I do believe that your problem is indeed 2.1, I have the new iPod touch (firmware 2.1.1) so I can’t really give you any files yet, I have to wait until the dev team gives us a jailbreak.

  • Abdullah

    Hey alan,
    thnx for replying quickly

    the dev team already released the jailbreak for the iphone 2.1 firmware and i used it successfully
    if thats what you mean!!

  • Alan Vazquez

    No, I mean I really have the new iPod touch (2nd generation) (with speaker, volume controls, etc.) this one runs firmware 2.1.1, not 2.1, but it really runs 2.1.1 (5F138), this new iPod touch uses different firmware than the old touch. there is no jailbreak for me yet, I’m waiting for them to come out with one so that I can start helping people again with firmware 2.1 (or 2.1.1)

  • Abdullah

    You’re waiting for them and we’re waiting for you
    thnx again

  • Alan Vazquez

    Abdullah: Sorry man, I really wish that I could be more help than this, sorry man. I’ll make it all up to you, just as soon as this thing is jailbroken…

  • bear8236

    Hey Alan,
    Saw you had responded to my problem back on message 146. I was bouncing around from site to site, and didn’t realize you replied to it before I made my final entry. Anyway just wanted to say thanks for the input.

  • Alan Vazquez

    hey man, no problem. It’s why6 I’m here, to help. 😀 I suggest checking a little box before you post your first comment it reads “Alert me of follow up comments” or something to that extent, and you’ll be alerted via the e-mail that you registered with. It will show any responses or new comments that might help you out.

  • Abdullah

    I Reinstalled OpenSSH from Cydia and every thing is working perfectly now
    Thanks for all the hard work

    I have one more question though, What is the best website For cracked Apps??

  • Alan Vazquez

    Abdullah, hey man you’re welcome. As for cracked applications, let me just start by saying that Limited Edition iPhone does not in anyway promote piracy or anything of the sort. I cannot give you any links here on this site.

  • Robert

    I keep getting “Network Error:Connection Refused”. My computer has a different IP address than the one on my iPhone. I’ve tried both and keep getting he same message. What can I do?

  • Alan Vazquez

    Alright, what type of connection r u trying to use? Like with WinSCP or CuteFTP or iphonebrowser, or what? Also, you gotta use your iPhone’s Wi-Fi IP address to enter in. e-mail me at and also send me a screenshot of your desktop when you get that error, I want to see if I can figure it out that way.

  • Robert

    Alan, I finally figured out what I had to do in order to connect to WinSCP. I had to download OpenSSH on my iPhone and now I can connect w/o a problem. Thanks

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  • Kingsya

    is there a way to use winscp with just cydia and not installer

  • Zuniee

    Hello All

    Can any one help me with my iPhone problems..Pls

    1) After applying the iBrickr fix sound is missing (Not coming)
    2) PC Suite crashing immediatly after connecting the iPhone..

    Pls help help !!!!

    Thanks ahead…

  • Kingsya

    Hey zuniee, i finally figured out how to successfully jailbreak my iphone with no after effects and can import and download almost anything, thanks to an iphone genius friend of mine. i might be able to help you if i better understood your problems, email me at deservingmulty@gmail

  • Bsq

    Thanks for the guide, but I followed the steps and I managed to get the application on my iPod Touch but when I tap it, it opens and crashes. I set permission to 755. I don’t know what to do.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Mike

    Hey I follow your step very carefully, did everything and dragged the game app. to the application folder and did the rest. Even changing the Octal to 0755. My app. are zipped files so I unzipped them before I put it in the applications folder.I can even see the app. that I put in the applications folder but on the iphone it is not there. What is wrong then? Please let me know

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  • twezzyfbaby

    i installed winscp but it will not open for me it keeps saying access denied i have a jailbroke 3g and im using windows xp. is there something eles that i need for winscp and how do i open mt ssh on my iphone? some please help me

  • saggas

    twezzyfbaby, you have to install OpenSSH to your iPhone. I had the same problem. Open Cydia→Featured Packages→Console Utilities & Deamons, and download OpenSSH. That should take care of the problem.

  • twezzyfbaby

    i downloaded openshh. and i downloaded winscp do i need to have wifi at home

  • Mike

    twezzyfbaby, yea you need wifi turned on in order to to have ssh working. Read the instructions above carefully. It’s actually very easy.

  • Sedat

    I had a touch before and I could use winscp. I bought an iphone 3g and it is NOT jailbroken… so please tell me how can I use winscp without jailbreak. I am sure there is a way to do that…

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  • Limited Edition iPhone

    Sedat the whole reason we jailbreak is so we have access to the file system. You must jailbreak your iPhone 3G to use WinSCP

  • aaron

    having problems using winscp… install bossprefs tool turn on ssh and try winscp again. should work

  • danny

    hey if you jailbreak the iphone then use this winscp thing, can you get it to work for verizon?

  • Rob

    You need SSH installed on jailbroken iPhone. Use Cydia there’s an option to install it

  • Saggas

    Does anybody know why Customizer is not working?

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  • steve

    ok i have a stupid question
    if i connect my pc through the wireless internet(using cable at the moment) via a network cable should it still work for me or do i need anything else

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  • Don

    hey when i try to login it says Network error: Connection Refused

    thanks for ur help

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  • Philip

    When i was SSHing all the Application and i right click properties and i put the OCTAL to 0755 is that right? and same with my installer. When i click on Cydia on my ipod touch it just kick me out. Can you please tell me what is the problem? Thank you.

  • S

    install Openssh from cydia on to you ipod. just do a search and it will come up. then you will be able to connect

  • Joseph

    Hi, i have have the update for the Iphone,

    I want to change my my texting tones but i can’t seem to conect with WinSCP. i get the connection refused. is there a way to do it without using jailbreak?

  • kevin

    when i install a app using winscp. i see icon on home screen but i open the app but crashes and sends me back to my homescreen. i set its to 0755

    anyone know how to help. thanks for reading

  • Larry

    Ok. I installed the shs programs and that bsd. I installed the winscp and logged in fine. But now I don’t have an Internet connection. It was working fine before but now there is none. What could have happened. All my cables are fine and nothing was touched. As soon as I logged in and created the ROMs folder, I went to the Internet and there was no connection. Any help please?

  • Maundler

    Ok.. So, I have tried everything here… uninstalled, reinstalled Open SSH, BSD Subsytem, etc. etc. etc. I have tried the connection time on WinSCP, tried the Bossprefs app, tried everything and I can’t get it to work… I don’t know how.. I tried on 3 different computers, 2 on the same network, then at work tried with the office network (I have access to it) and still nothing.. the computers and the itouch are in the same network, the ip address are in the same domain, and still get the connection refused message. I don’t know where else to go… tried with Wi-Fi, tried pluging it directly to my computer, everything else and I can’t get it to work.. what is wrong? why so many ppl can’t still connect it to WinSCP? and why others can?? I don’t think most of us are doing things differently to the guys that got it to work… I am working on a 1.1.4 FW Itouch.. I downgraded it from 2.0 because of some music synch issue, but I still can’t get it to work…

    Please help… what other things can I do?

  • Mike

    Upgrade your iTouch back to 2.0 because theres no need to really use 1.1.4 anymore, it’s so out of date and unecesssary if it can be hacked all the way up to the most recent one.Hack your itouch using various techniques out there.One at .AFter that.Start fresh over.Follow the steps on this page CAREFULLY.Remember to turn wifi on in your itouch,turn ssh on, and enter the wifi adress on your itouch on the winscp screen.Make sure your wifi have a strong signal though.These are the most critical steps. I’ve had similar problems to some of you one here when I first did it. But after carelly checking each step I keep noticing I forgot just little things. Good luck

  • Limited Edition iPhone

    It shouldn’t matter but you should upgrade to firmware 2.2

  • brent

    Get into program but cant change the directory any ideas?????????????2.2 jailbroke iphone 3g

  • mo

    by using the winscp software with iphone 3g will it work toward cdma network?? ( sprint / nextel /verizen etc??

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